The $2.4 TRILLION Distributed Energy Revolution Goes Mainstream

The $2.4 TRILLION Distributed Energy Revolution Goes Mainstream

There are solar, energy storage, and hydrogen stocks that we believe have 2X, 5X, even 10X upside potential

There’s this sustainable neighborhood being built in Austin, Texas by Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) and some real estate developers that is unlike any other neighborhood in the world.

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That’s because this neighborhood is from the future.

The neighborhood – called SunHouse – will be entirely energy independent. Every new home construction will be built with Tesla V3 solar roof tiles – which are solar panels that simultaneously function as roof tiles – and equipped with a Tesla Powerwall 2 battery storage solution, to store excess solar power on sunny days and deploy that power on cloudy days.

Each home will also have built-in electric vehicle charging capability in the garage.

In other words, these homes will be entirely unplugged from the legacy electric grid. They’ll generate their own power. They’ll store their own power. They’ll deploy their own power.

That means they’ll never have blackouts, and more importantly, their homeowners will save a ton of money on their monthly utility bill (which will be zero on the electric side of things).

Make no mistake. SunHouse is an experimental project today, but it represents the future of sustainable living in America – and globally.

That’s because we don’t need the electric grid anymore, and more importantly, homeowners are actually better off without the grid.

The electric grid is unreliable, strained, and expensive. In California, for example, 28.4 million homeowners suffered from over 25,000 blackout events in 2019, while they’re shuffling out about $115 per month on their electric bill.

We’re using an antiquated electricity infrastructure built in the 1900s to power the needs of consumers in the 2020s – and it’s coming at the expense of homeowners like you and me.

It’s time for an upgrade. It’s time for the Distributed Energy Revolution.

In the Distributed Energy Revolution, we’re all energy independent. No more grid. We’re generating power on our own through solar panels on our roofs. We’re storing that power on our own through built-in battery storage solutions. We’re deploying that power on our own through AI-powered algorithms optimizing energy usage throughout the day.

That’s the future. And, for the first time ever, the U.S. is ready to embrace that future.

Solar energy costs have plummeted to a point where solar is now not just the cheapest energy source in the world, but the cheapest energy source in the history of humankind…

Solar panel efficiency has dramatically improved from ~15% back in the 1990s, to upward of 25% and is even approaching 30% in some panels today…

Energy storage technology has dramatically improved to a point where residential battery solutions can now provide long-duration storage, and are quite affordable…

The writing is on the wall, folks. Heck, this future is so obvious that even the notoriously slow U.S. government is jumping on board the Distributed Energy Revolution.

Axios just reported that the U.S. government’s proposed Build Back Better plan will include $500 billion in clean energy spending, including support for the construction of distributed energy homes via expanded tax credits for solar and energy storage projects.

That’s a huge deal.

All the stars have aligned. Costs have plummeted. Capabilities have improved. Reliability has improved. Legal support is growing.

The stage is set for the Distributed Energy Revolution to go mainstream in 2022. Stocks exposed to this revolution will see their share prices soar over the next 12 months.

The time to buy those stocks is right now.

That’s exactly what we’re doing in Innovation Investor – our flagship investment research service that focuses on investing in the world’s biggest technological breakthroughs, most transformative market-moving trends, and most innovative companies.

In that service, we’re invested in a lot of clean energy stocks with high-quality exposure to the coming Distributed Energy Revolution.

But I’m only sharing my top picks to plug into the Distributed Energy Revolution with Innovation Investor subscribers.

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These are solar stocks, energy storage stocks, and hydrogen stocks that we believe have 2X… 5X… even 10X upside potential and more.

And now, it’s their time to shine.

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