LiveGooD, the Fusion Enterprise of Products and Investments - Initial Evaluation

LiveGooD, the Fusion Enterprise of Products and Investments - Initial Evaluation

The landscape of web-based direct sales companies utilizing the referral marketing model has brought about a significant shift in the behavior of professionals and “leaders.”

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The extravagant in-person gatherings have given way to the digital era, where discussions now center around platforms like LiveGooD. In this digital age, specific companies have emerged as platforms offering individuals the opportunity to reshape their financial paths right from the comfort of their homes. They simplify the enrollment process through their online portals, inviting aspiring entrepreneurs to join their communities and embark on a journey of financial growth and personal development. However, it’s important to acknowledge that, as in any industry, not everyone achieves the expected gains. Many individuals may face challenges and losses, often related to difficulties in selling products or setting unrealistic prices in traditional markets. Recognizing this challenge, LiveGooD has devised two distinct pathways for individuals interested in engaging with the company. One option involves reselling products through a participant’s virtual store, earning commissions on sales, with LiveGooD managing product logistics and customer deliveries. Alternatively, participants can have products shipped to their homes and engage in traditional in-person transactions. For those who prefer not to handle product sales, LiveGooD has introduced the 2×15 global matrix, a queue-like structure. As more individuals join under any existing participant (not necessarily through direct referral), the queue advances. When a participant’s matrix is complete, they become eligible to earn $2,047.50, roughly equivalent to R$10,000.

To participate in LiveGooD, individuals are required to pay a one-time registration fee of $49.95, which includes a $40 affiliate license and a $9.95 monthly membership fee, ensuring an active position in the matrix. LiveGooD emphasizes that there’s no need to recruit others; participants only need to register and fulfill the mandatory fee. At present, there are no specific regulations in Brazil or the United States, where the company is headquartered, categorizing matrix schemes as illegal. However, the US Federal Trade Commission has issued public warnings about such platforms, and both the US Federal Trade Commission and the UK Trading Standards have cautioned against potential fraudulent use of these models. LiveGooD’s legitimacy is supported by its provision of tangible products to customers, robust customer support, and a 90-day money-back guarantee for all products. The compensation plan focuses on genuine sales, distancing itself from pyramid schemes. The leadership team of any network marketing company plays a crucial role in its success, and LiveGooD is led by CEO Ben Glinsky, an experienced figure in this field. His previous venture, Skinny Body Care, achieved significant success before being acquired by Valentus, demonstrating his commitment to helping people.

While LiveGooD may initially raise concerns about pyramid-like structures, a thorough examination reveals a different approach. The company adheres to the network marketing model, prioritizing retail sales and offering competitive products. This strategy aims to make retail sales more prominent than recruitment. In summary, LiveGooD presents itself as a legitimate opportunity. As with any venture, it’s advisable to sample the products before committing to ensure they align with personal preferences and goals. The information provided is based on our review of several LiveGooD leaders’ websites on the internet, such as

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