Billionaires' Paradise: New York Tops The List Of 16 Cities Housing The World's Richest

Billionaires' Paradise: New York Tops The List Of 16 Cities Housing The World's Richest

A new study has revealed that nearly one-third of the world’s billionaires reside in 16 cities.

According to the Wealth-X’s Billionaire Census report, 29% of the world’s 3,194 wealthiest people, whose collective net worth totals $11.1 trillion, live in a handful of metropolises in 2022 as they did during the last several years.

The study shows that New York City remains home to the most billionaires, with 136 residing in the city.

The report also notes a 3.5% decline in the global billionaire population in 2022, which the study’s authors attribute to “the onset of a new war in Europe, a significant inflation spike, and escalating US-China tensions.”

Individuals associated with sectors like technology, retail, energy, healthcare, and transportation witnessed their average wealth reduce by over 5% last year.

“The billionaire class wields a significant and still-growing influence over the global economy,” the report said.

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Here are the 16 cities that were home to the world’s wealthiest population in 2022:


  • New York City: 136 billionaires
  • Hong Kong: 112 billionaires
  • San Francisco: 84 billionaires
  • Moscow: 76 billionaires
  • London: 75 billionaires
  • Beijing: 61 billionaires
  • Los Angeles: 58 billionaires
  • Singapore: 54 billionaires
  • Shenzhen: 42 billionaires
  • Mumbai: 39 billionaires
  • Dubai: 38 billionaires
  • Hangzhou, China: 34 billionaires
  • Istanbul: 33 billionaires
  • Sao Paolo: 33 billionaires
  • Chicago: 32 billionaires
  • Paris: 32 billionaires
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